U2 Melbourne Concerts & the Soundtrack of My Life

The soundtrack of my life and Melbourne U2 Concerts…

1984 Unforgettable Fire: I moved to Melbourne from the country and discover U2 thru Blacky Tech School classmates. I was 13, they were 16, doing Yr 8 for the 3rd time and into punk.  They beat me up for being a nerd on their way to the concert @ The Sports and Entertainment Centre.  It was my birthday.

1989 Love Town: with BB King @ Tennis Centre.  My First Date with Rach.  I had bought the tickets for someone else but things went pear shaped.  I gave the tickets to Rach who accepted them and then told me she had a boyfriend!  My old ‘friends’ did not attend because they thought U2 had sold out their roots!

Final line of concert:

“When we first recorded this song we only had 40 minutes left of studio time.  But that’s not why we called it 40!”

1993 Zoomerang:  I propose to Rachael during opening bars of Street’s Have No Name on the MCG.  In my arrogance I had forged her signature to get the announcement in the newspaper for the next day.  When we got to the concert our friend discovered he had brought tickets for the wrong night!  I had to run, get money and buy two new tickets off a scalper… she wasn’t that impressed…until the proposal!

1998 PopMart: ? Nothing much significant happened here. It was at the soulless Waverley Park and we all watched a surreal giant TV screen which killed the live show somewhat!

2006 Vertigo:  The week of the birth of our daughter Lowenna.  We attended the concert in between breast feeds!

2010 360º: The week I finish at Urban Seed after 12 years.   I liked Jayzee and band, Bono and Edge reaching out for each other on the swinging bridges at the conclusion of ‘End of the World’,  Bono leading the masses in Amazing Grace then flowing into Streets…  setlist here


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