My Top 3 Ideas for ‘Knowing the Word’ this Christmas : Toward a Seedy Advent Spirituality

At a time of significant change in my life I have decided to post some ideas that are significant for me re Christmas and the Seeds Covenant.   Advent is a time of review at the end of a year.  It is also a time when people consider covenanting to Seeds for the coming year.  As they are considering, people often ask me about Know, Grow, Go and what these ‘buzz words’ mean. I confess that whilst I like words that rhyme, the fuzziness of the communal discernment and the power of questions I also value when things are made clear.  As a way of helping my own and others discernment, I have been challenging myself to be as clear as I can about the ideas behind ‘Knowing the Word’, the spirituality part of the Seeds Covenant.

So My Top 3 ideas for Knowing the Word this Christmas:  Toward a Seedy Advent Spirituality are…

1: The Word is in the Stories on the Street:  On Being a Sucker for Fairy Lights…

2. Pray to the Baby Jesus?: On Truth, Troth and Talladega Nights…

3. Gracious Giving: On whether we will have Enough of Christmas or a Christmas of Enough?…

I will be posting on each leading up to Christmas… in the meantime…

What words/ image/ ideas or experience are most striking/important for your spirituality over the Advent/ Christmas period ?


One Reply to “My Top 3 Ideas for ‘Knowing the Word’ this Christmas : Toward a Seedy Advent Spirituality”

  1. Generosity, but not of ‘stuff’ – being generous with myself, with my time, with my patience! with my hospitality…
    Back in NZ I’d go to a local Anglican church that did Christmas Carols at midnight, we’d be given an individual candle poked through cardboard at the door and it was the only light, something of that advent anticipation and acoustics – more “harmony”/grace available than at other times of the year…
    the Pohutakawa trees that bloom Christmas week and pavlova!
    smell of a fresh christmas tree, “warmth”, fairy lights reflecting on the decorations and making them sparkle.

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