Christmas Sermon: Stop and Hear the Music of Joshua Bell

Beauty in the Ordinary #1:

Christmas is like …a renowned virtuoso busking in a train station subway, playing a million dollar Stradivari violin, whilst people pass by without a second glance…

My Christmas sermon at Footscray Baptist Church today was based on one given by David Devine in 2007 and posted here at John Mark Ministries. It centres on the story of Joshua Bell busking in Washington DC.

I just love the way this video finishes with recognition, acknowledgement and thanks for beauty in the ordinary…

Divine concludes:

Finding the virtuoso in the subway, John and Stacy rejoiced. Finding Jesus in the manger, the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen.

Beauty in the Ordinary #2

I made connections with the beauty in some of the ordinary, weird and wonderful moments at our Family Nativity BBQ held on Saturday…!/marxkernow/status/15928736054517760!/marxkernow/status/15926109036089344!/marxkernow/status/15922656326979584

Beauty in the Ordinary #3

I also made some connections with this weeks Advent in Art 2010 piece, ‘Bonding Time: The Nativity in Townsville’ by Jan Hynes, 2007.

Notes on this wonderful work can be found at


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