The Flight to Christmas Island

I was thinking and praying hard about writing a prayer or some kind of response to the Christmas Island asylum seeker tragedy this Advent time.

Instead I will simply link to this good, edgy and no doubt controversial piece entitled On Our Very Own Island of Christmas Spirit by Irfan Yusuf a Sydney-based workplace relations lawyer and writer.

So Herod got wind of the huge political threat posed by this Beyt Lahm baby, and ordered all infant boys be murdered. Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus fled to Egypt. I’m not sure if they waited patiently in the queue that had lined up to cross the Sinai desert or whether they took the more expensive and criminal option of paying nasty evil satanic disgusting disgraceful people smugglers to ship them across the Mediterranean.

Assuming they used the sea route, they landed in Egypt. It’s unlikely they would have been accosted by Captain Catholic and his Hillsong buddy leading a rabble of bogans screaming at the top of their voices “STOP THE BOATS”.

And if they were, I doubt Mary would have been a good Middle Eastern mum and resisted the natural urge to throw Jesus overboard. Even if she had, Jesus may have easily walked the rest of the way.


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