House Blessing: Epiphany

As part of the response for our Seeds 2011 Consecration Service I created this Epiphany motif for Seeds Covenant Households to place on the lintels of their doors during our Seeds Covenant year as a reminder of;


  • Christ’s Blessing: upon our households and the importance they play in locating our spiritual struggle to ‘Grow Home’ in our neighbourhoods and in our ‘ordinary’ lives. (Christus Mansionem Benedicat = Christ Bless our House)


  • Hospitality: that God often comes to us as the ‘stranger’ or ‘other ‘who is to be welcomed at our door and often bears unexpected gifts. (C+M+B = Caspar, Melchior, Balthazar; traditional names of the Magi who visited the Christ child.)


  • Protection: against the ravages of ‘fire and water’ and all that these ‘evils’ or ‘threats’ may mean to our discipleship and our shared life in our context  (ala the traditional European Epiphany prayer which I adapted here)


You may wish to copy and print the image and stick above your own doorway.


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