Wedding: David and Andreana

image by Christop Booth

Dave and Andreana’s wedding was held in Melbourne’s Flagstaff Gardens with a reception at the nearby Lawn Bowls Club.  The weather was gloomy and threatening but given that a number of guests made it out of Cyclone Yasi affected areas to be there, we got it done!

Wedding Words here.

Homily: “On Cyclones, Apocalypse, Weddings & Wine”


I, David/Andreana, freely and joyfully take you, Andreana/David, to be my wife/husband…

I promise to cherish you and be faithful to you,

following the way of Christ, always.

I promise to seek to be the best David/Andreana that I can be,

and to help you be the best Andreana/David you can be.

I promise to seek the courage to be happy,

now and always.

I promise to seek wisdom to find ways to respond with love,

even when it seems impossible.

I promise to turn to God for renewal

when my love runs dry

I promise to partake in the love of our family and community,

Holding others in our love

As we hold each other.

In sickness and in health

For richer and for poorer

For better and for worse

Until death do us part.


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