Dave and Andreana : Wedding Words

Dave and Andreana’s Wedding
Photographer: Ben Liney
PA/Ushers:  Jeff Nelson et al.

Background Music while crowd mingle: Ipod

The Entrance:

Sam calls Bec to initiate walk from the Hotel.

Song: Hallelujah Here She Comes by U2: Sung by Musos.


My name is Marcus Curnow, I am a Convenor within the Seeds Network, an expression of church community which has emerged out of the life of Urban Seed and works in partnership with the Baptist Church in Footscray & City.  We have lived with Dave in Footscray.  Worked with Andreana at Urban Seed and through Seeds City.

The Meaning of Marriage:

We have come together in the presence of God to witness the marriage of Andreana and Dave and to bless them as we share in their joy.
Marriage is a celebration of the connection and dependence we have with the creation that surrounds us and the earth on which we stand.  It is a symbol that unending love is central to the universe, a gift of the creator who demonstrated this mystery to us through the self giving life of Jesus Christ,
This love has called Dave and Andreana to connect and commit themselves in marriage, drawing their differing gifts and hopes into a unity of love and service.  The Christian scripture’s teaches that marriage is a lifelong covenant, a mystery of two becoming as one in heart, mind and body.
In the joy of their union, husband and wife enrich and respond to each other, growing in intimate love as they journey toward the ultimate love. Through marriage a new sense of home is formed, a place of secure and loving care from which good work can be undertaken, which serves society and the natural world, and where children may be born and raised.
Marriage is therefore to be honoured by all.
No one should enter it lightly or selfishly, but responsibly and joyfully, with mutual respect and the promise to be faithful.

Acknowledgement of Country

At the beginning of this ceremony Andreana and Dave wish to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this place, the peoples of the Wurundjeri of the Kulin Nations, their elders and families who have lived long and well on this land.  May our worship, service and the vows made today be work for reconciliation between people, God and the land upon which we stand.  On occasions such as this we are surrounded by a ‘great cloud of witnesses’

Further Welcome/ Confession
Lots of preparation, travel, work. Those who escaped the Cyclone Yasi etc.
Today Dave and Andreana want us to be aware of our emotions. What it is that each of us feel and bring to this place and celebration today.
Perhaps goodwill, a sense of connection with these two and their communities, excited hopes for them, a desire relax, enjoy and celebrate. This couple know how to party.
Or perhaps feelings that are more difficult. Weddings can raise fears and expectations, painful memories of people who have died or of people who are not here who should be, reminders of relationships that have failed or that remain un-reconciled.
Whatever we feel, whatever the state of relationships, let us join with Andreana and Dave in a moments silence to come to gather our feelings and find a peace within ourselves.  To rest and take  in the sights and sounds around us and to respect what it is that is taking place here today.  At the conclusion Andreana’s sister Susanna will offer a prayer.


Prayer: Susanna

Gracious God
We thank you for your many gifts of love, manifested in the bonds of the family and friends who have gathered here today. We honour these communities who have nurtured David and Andreana as individuals and as a couple.
We thank you for your guidance in bringing them together, for the joy they find in each other and the trust they bring to the happiness of this day.
May this occasion of covenant and union be witness to that reconciliation by which we now live as people healed and forgiven, through the example of Christ and the graciousness of our God.
May this wedding be a time to find healing in our brokenness, and reconciliation where there is discord. We recognise the frailty of our own promises, and thank you for the everlasting fidelity and gracious hospitality you extend to us all.
Enrich Andreana and Dave with your grace.
Grant that your joy will be in them and their joy may be full.
In the name of Christ.

Passing the Peace

We have taken a moment to come to peace within ourselves. I want us to share that with each other. Weddings are full of interesting people who don’t know each other, old friends or enemies you haven’t seen or talked to for a long time.  We are spending the day together. And so Dave and Andreana were keen to start it with an Official Mingle. It’s an ancient tradition of the church, their Anglican roots and at the Collins Street Baptist Chruch to Pass the Peace. Can I encourage you to pass the peace or greet each other in a way that you feel.   To bring us back the muso’s will lead us in a non-traditional version of the song Amazing Grace.

The peace of Christ be with you.

Song: Amazing Grace (Urban Seed’s Credo Writing Group)

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost but now am found,

Was blind but now I’m free.

Amazing grace – it still resounds

Though deaf my heart may be.

‘Twas grace that was my journey’s start

And grace still walks with me.

When I am lost and faltering

Will you still come for me?

With all my fears and wanderings

Will love still welcome me?

And here, in time, we’ll learn to live

In peace and harmony.

We’ll learn to be the children of

The grace that set us free.

When we link arms and share our lives

It’s in God’s grace we live.

Like loaves and fish grace multiplies

With baskets left to give.

When I look at my life thus far

And see how you guide me through,

My heart is big and I want to sing

Amazing Grace to you!

Reading: Dramatic style presentation of John’s Gospel Chapter 2: The Wedding at Cana

(Jane French: Horsby Community in Sydney which has been significant for Dave.)

Reflection: Marcus  “On Cyclones, Apocalypse, Weddings and Wine” The Wedding at Cana: John 2

Declaration of Intent

Dave and Andreana,

Having heard the nature of love and the call to live your life in this way. Of your own free will, understanding the responsibility and commitment it invites, will you choose to belong to each other in the vocation of marriage?
We will

Parents: stand
Frank and Marion, John and Lynne, You have raised Andreana and Dave through  the love and support of your own marriages and relationships.  Having heard their intentions, will you bless this marriage and supportively share in its joys and challenges as they embark on this journey together?
[We will]
To Friends:
Siblings… you have grown up alongside them.  Friends and other family, you are witnesses to these vows and have an integral role to play in Dave and Andreana’s wellbeing. Will you be their community of faith, hope and love, will you encourage and support them in their personal lives and union together?
[We will]

Promises and Symbols


I, David/Andreana, freely and joyfully take you, Andreana/David, to be my wife/husband.

I promise to cherish you and be faithful to you,

following the way of Christ, always.

I promise to seek to be the best David/Andreana that I can be,

and to help you be the best Andreana/David you can be.

I promise to seek the courage to be happy,

now and always.

I promise to seek wisdom to find ways to respond with love,

even when it seems impossible.

I promise to turn to God for renewal

when my love runs dry

I promise to partake in the love of our family and community,

Holding others in our love

As we hold each other.

In sickness and in health

For richer and for poorer

For better and for worse

Until death do us part.


Marcus: In a world in which we often find it difficult to make and keep our promises a ring is an unbroken circle, a reminder that each of us are encircled within the faithful promise of the love of God, The fidelity of the eternal dance of the Trinity, which ,in the midst of brokenness creates and sustains us and the life that we share.

David/ Andreanna I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness to you.

Pronouncement: Marcus

Dave and Andreana today in accord with the laws of this land, in the presence of God and your community of family and friends, you have sworn solemn vows and given rings. In the name of the God of Sarah and of Abraham, of the Son, born of Mary, and the Spirit, who broods over us and this place like a mother, as she did at creation.   I pronounce you to be husband and wife.

Kiss: Andreana You may kiss the groom.

Prayers of Blessing: Gemma and Emily

●      Reception in Bowls Club 6.30pm

●      Family Photo’s

Interrupted with “ The Master has found more Wine!”  Announce charging of glasses!

Song: The Luckiest  :  Muso’s
Ushers charge glasses

Final Blessing/ Benediction
God, we have been moved today by love.  As we go from here keep this love alive.  May this wedding be a reminder to us all to  love for our own partners, families and friends.   Our own neighbours, communities andworld.  May it be a reminder of your call to unity and peace.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Can I ask you to raise your glasses as we toast the newly wed couple.
To Dave and Andreana…


4 Replies to “Dave and Andreana : Wedding Words”

  1. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.
    Love the vows – I promise to seek to be the best D/ that I can be, & to help you be the best A/D you can be.
    Love the sermon – Can’t you just imagine Jesus ‘staring his mother down’!
    Love the prayers – Grant that your joy will be in them and their joy may be full!
    Like loaves and fish grace multiplies – Amen

  2. It sounds like you designed a beautiful ceremony- with the most lovely vows. Blessings on your new life together and your life ministries. There is a Dari proverb that says Two mountains do not meet but people can meet again. Would love to meet your bride. It may be in Auz, or in India or possibly even Canada.

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