Good Food I Cooked This Summer…

Christmas Canapaes: Anchovies in capsicum with capers on toasted ciabatta bread ; Dates stuffed with fetta and parsley and wrapped in proscuito... inspired by delicious magazine..

In November I left my role at Urban Seed after 12 years. I publicly stated that one of my goals was to cook more…

From Seeds Table Mealtime Prayers:

May we Eat Slow. Make us mindful of all that has been given and received in the process of production and consumption. ( At this point mention could be made about different elements of the meal and what is known of their process of production). May this meal reconcile us with God, creation and others. May our eyes be opened to your presence through the breaking of the bread and may our eating bear witness to the meal to come, to which all are invited and where there is enough for all.

Lord hear us.
All: Lord hear our prayer

Lamb Cutlets with Spicy Carrot Puree and Red Berries
Christmas Canapes: pureed prawn balls on lemongrass sticks: Crepes with smoked salmon, ricotta and dill with water chestnuts... inspired by delicious magazine

This was some kind of Marinara Pasta dish I'm thinking...?
Mixed berry & Chocolate Cheesecake in a glass... inspired by Jamie Oliver
Prawn Party Pies in Scallop Shells...inspired by delicious
Saffron Scallops Provencale on Toast... inspired by Stephanie Alexander
Kanga Steaks on Mash Potato, Sundried Capsicum, Tomato and Zuchinni with a Red Wine Sauce...inspired by Steph.
Open Sushi: Salmon on Pureed Avocado & Wasabi with Coriander and a Lime/Soy sauce. Some pureed prawn thing on the side...inspired by Matt Preston, delicious mag.
Spicy Mince, Carrot and Zucchini Balls on Rice with a Tomato and Basil Sauce... inspired by hungry kids!

A small summer taste of God’s economy of gracious hospitality in which we are both consumers and producers, humble servants and honoured guests!


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