Prayers for Christchurch: Seeds Prayer

The Seeds Footscray mob kicked off our ‘@SeedsPrayer in the Pergola’ at our house last night.  Our hearts had been heavy during the week thinking about the earthquake in Christchurch. Talitha is Kiwi and Gregg and Bron and Phil from the Cave mob in Ascot Vale were in Wellington when the quake hit as part of the Praxis movement that has been so important in building good community work connections across the Pacific.  Such connections matter so much in times like this.

Our thoughts were also for the Oxford Terrace Baptist Church where Christop, Mehrin and I led worship in the middle of last year as part of the Mark Pierson led Just Worship Seminar for World Vision.  I feel numb when I see the photos.


The Ox 2010: pic Christop Booth
The Ox 2011: pic Mike Crudge

Framing her experience with ‘sometimes words cant cut it,’ Bron Morris led a simple Tazie chant at morning worship at Footscray Baptist Church which was very powerful.  I have found the resource for prayers and sermons around natural disasters at textweek really helpful since the Asian Tsunami.  Sadly it seems I’m clicking back there way to often at present!

One of the suggestions was using Springsteen’s song “My City of Ruins” written in light of the 9/11 tragedy in New York.  We played it at the end of our prayers before our benediction.  As I listened I found my thoughts and prayers also going out to Libya, the Middle East and Alice Springs from where I have recently returned.  The Boss can pray for me anytime…

“With these hands, we pray for the strength Lord…C’mon Rise Up!”


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