Quotes from a Disney Weekend!

I quite liked this thread which started with a quote which went around the web and got picked up by my Barkly Street Dragons 2nd XI Cricket Captain Ashley Weidner
The girl married her handsome Prince, the bad guy is dead. This weekend brought to you by Disney.
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    • Daniel Taylor fade in, january 2012:the obama administration has been driven to a small base on the icy world of hoth. prince william is scouting when he is attacked by a wampa.

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    • Ashley Weidner Harry heads out to look for William on back of a Corgi. As Prince Phillip insists they close the gates to Buckingham Palace for the night, trapping Harry outside, Camilla wails in pain.

      Yesterday at 16:08 ·  ·  1 person
    • Laura Carroll You complete me Ashley Spectashley!

      Yesterday at 16:31 · 
    • Marcus Edwin Curnow you had me at hello!

      Yesterday at 17:00 · 
    • Julian Dunham You make me want to be a better man.

      Yesterday at 17:11 · 
    • Ashley Weidner Bloody hell! This joke is going into the show….;)

      Yesterday at 17:41 · 

  • Steve Wright and essendon won by 130 points…just proves miracles do happen
As much as I respect Ashley’s pre match pseudo-psych, anti theology, arts babble sermonising which passes for both comedy and captaincy, I would still give my Gold Logie for weekend thoughts to Chelle Wade on the Royal Wedding…
As several commentators have said this past week Will & Kate’s Wedding is about the making of history.  It’s about locating the present in a particular history of the past and directing the pathways of it’s participants into a particular future. I read recently that a ‘ceremony’ is designed to maintain tradition, whereas ‘ritual’ is designed to transform it.  As an neat summation of something complex that is a nice way to put it.  The Royal Wedding was Ceremony par excellence!
She concluded…
So, don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-Romance!  But I found it in-credible that the Royal Family and the Church of England did not navigate a route through historically embedded ceremony which would have more accurately portrayed the seeming reality of Kate and Will’s actual relationship and hence directed our historical attention towards a less patriarchal future!
Nice looking stroke from Weidner but he’s nicked it and is out to a great catch by Wade in the gully…


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