Things I Cooked / Brewed This Autumn

Lemon & Sage Chicken marinating as per Stephanie Alexander

Label for our Celtic Red Ale Home Brewed as part of our  Take up Beer For Lent Bible Study Series with Seeds & Solace

Label for my home brew beer attempt during Lent… I brewed it on the week on Lent 5 when we studied John 11: On Death, Lazarus & Nick Cave.  The yeast had been added for 4 days and there had been no signs of life. I was depressed and I thought it was dead… I was standing next to it when I received a phone call about the sudden and unexpected death of a friend… as I wept it bubbled to life in front of me… hence the name! A toast to my friend!

Mini Hot Cross Buns by Indigo @ Manna Lane, Cudgee… I glazed and ate them!

Bangers & Mash topped with Caramelised Onions and Manna Lane, Cudgee Plum Sauce!

Proper Job Tiddley Oggie (Cornish Pasty) for my Old Man en route to Kernewek Lowender Cornish Festival in South Australia.

I cooked the pasty using this Swede (Turnip) which was as big as Peran’s head!  Owen Ellemor grew it for me from the fertile soil at Manna Lane, Cudgee.  My newly planted herb spiral features in the background thanks to left over bricks from demolition at the Wight’s house in Footscray.

Tomato Soup with that last of the tomatoes from our garden, roasted withslices of Blue Cheese & Toasted Garlic Bread with Parmesan. (inspired by delicious magazine, May)


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