‘Follow Where the Wild Things Are!: Commission for Mission’, Mark 1:1-20

On May 30  the Seeds Footscray mob hosted a discussion on Mark 1:1-20 ‘Follow Where the Wild Things Are!: Commission for Mission’ as part of our  Bible Study Series entitled:  Go Engage: Jesus’ Direct Action Campaign in Mark 1-4

I thought I’d pick out a couple of tweets for a few themes that became the focus of our discussion.
The Beginning! Verse 1:





The Kingdom is Near:




Fishing for People:





If you like the twitter format you can read the full Tweetlist for Week 1, from TweetinMark 2010.

In 1999 as part of my spiritual discipline of “Knowing the Word” and inspired by Clarence Jordan‘s Cotton Patch Versions I re-wrote  Mark as if it were taking place in today’s world.  What resulted was the ‘Gospel of Vic’ .

You can read my take on Mark 1:1-20 here.  What would this story look like in your world in 2011?  What choices would you make in starting a story about Jesus in todays cultural setting?

Next Monday: Healing to Crash the Ceiling! : Mission as Healing,  Mark 1:21-2:12.  You can read the text by clicking here


Alongside the biblical text we are reading Rose Marie Berger’s article in the May edition of Sojourners Magazine entitled Nothing Spontaneous About It about the recent revolution in the Middle East.
In light of the themes of ‘gospel/ euangelion’, ‘proclamation of the kingdom’ and ‘fishers of people’ focus in this weeks passage we were thinking about what ‘evangelism’ might look like in our context and concluded with a quote from the article.
Organizers also worked hard to promote religious unity. When Muslims at prayer were attacked by security forces using water cannons, thousands of pro-democracy Christians surrounded their Muslim colleagues to protect them. “This act of sacrificial love deeply touched the Muslim community,” according to Dr. Nabeel Jabbour, a Syrian Christian on the advisory board of Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding, reporting what he heard from an Egyptian. “Even in that moment, the imam directing the prayer broadcast through the loudspeakers, said, ‘Look around you; do you see it is the Christians who are protecting us. Do you know why they do this? They are following the teaching of Jesus. It is because they have Jesus in their hearts.’
In what ways does the movement for social change in the Middle East influence our reading of Jesus Direcet Action Campaign in Mark 1-4?  How might this shape our mission in Footscray?


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