Mark Pierson @ Light Hearts in Winter

Nice to catch up with Mark Pierson at Fed. Square last week for The Light in Winter Light Hearts installation that no doubt has his thought prints all over it! He was over to observe its construction with his mate, the amazing Bruce Ramus.  (Nice write up on it and pix at The Agehere.)

It was nice having a conversation with Chelle Wade at red dress theology about his recent new book The Art of Curating Worship : Reshaping the Role of the Worship Leader having  just caught up!


2 Replies to “Mark Pierson @ Light Hearts in Winter”

  1. Can’t wait to take my boys into see this! What a great way to teach 5 and 7 year olds about community, spirituality and God! Rest assured there will be conversations along the ‘compare and contrast’ variety with the more familiar temple over the road!

  2. They could probably do with a few more ‘lights’ over the road!… a bit of time with Bruce Ramus wouldn’t hurt either! Enjoy!

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