Benediction ‘Light & Life’

May you… be light and life (John 1)

May you… choose the good over the evil.

May you… know your esteemed place in the Economy of God

May you… buy in, sell out, and learn how to be ‘not Egypt’

May you… be honest and courageous and at least a little bit wild

So that the Spirit can establish you in freedom and give you imagination

May you… receive your manna with gratitude and reliance

And know awe at the mercy seat…this new way, THE way…Jesus way.

May you… proclaim the coming peace of our Jesus

Though it be messy, costly and often times lonely.

May you… embrace your Sabbath

Knowing true rest, extravagant grace, compassion

And the ability to ‘be’.

May you… be rich in only those things that are truly of value

And live in the abundance of enough.

May the life and death of Jesus both bring you peace

And thoroughly disturb you.

May you… know the precious presence of the Spirit in your life

And dignify the image of God in others.

Be light.  Be life.


Benediction for Final Eucharist of Donvale Christian School Staff Retreat by Jess Killeen.

Steven Said and myself had done two morning sessions on the Call to Discipleship.

There are moments when someone sums you up better than you can yourself.

This was gold!


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