9 Lessons and Carols: Seeds Network

My now traditional ‘People’s Table Project’ run of Advent/Christmas services extended to three ‘Seeds’ neighbourhoods this year for the first time ever!

The service was based on the traditional Festival of 9 Lessons and Carols which has its origins in Cornwall.

I downloaded the Proost video series Nine to which I added a few videos from our own context including Christop’s fantastic Adam and Eve for the first Genesis reading.  We lit a candle at the central table for each reading of the lesson followed by video/audio or a carol.  People could respond by lighting candles throughout.

The service was reflective and the ‘sit back, listen and watch’ vibe seemed to work well for people in the hectic week before Christmas .  We only managed one carol in Norlane (sung off an iphone!) and four in Bendigo and Footscray which was plenty with all the other content.

One of my highlights was projecting the nativity line drawing animation (see You Tube clip below) on the organ pipes of the Peace Memorial Pipe Organ in the Footscray Baptist Church Sanctuary.  The ‘thread’ of light appearing to weave in and out of the pipes was real nice.

Set up at Norlane Baptist Church

Set up at Footscray Baptist Church

Candle lighting at St. Matthews, Long Gully, Bendigo