Links for Wendell Berry re Gay Marriage

Wendell has made some statements recently about gay marriage.  I’ve had some great conversations and debates over the years about the tensions between Berry’s emphasis on fidelity versus his emphasis on respecting natural limits with regards to this issue.
My own journey toward being more optimistic about gay marriage has been deeply influenced by Wendell’s promotion of fidelity as a theoretical/ theological framework, ala the quote of Rev. Nathan Nettleton I once posted here.
We chose the hymn ‘Great is Thy Faithfullness’ from Lamentations at our wedding to celebrate the broader meaning structure in which we make any promises as humble, limited and often broken human beings.
I’m putting links and responses to Wendell’s statements below…
A report of recent comments at a Baptist Conference:
Comments in an Interview from 2005
Marriage is like a poem:
Please feel free to post more if you find them…