Image of the Invisible God

Spoken word liturgy with sung refrain by Doug Gay and Rachel Morley, Late Late Service, 1994


Image of the Invisible,

Image of the Invisible God. x2


In the beginning was the word,

this early word, the first word,

mysterious voice, talking behind the back of the universe,

back before its beginning

the i am who I am word

the with God word,

the was God word,

a voice that called us into being across the reaches of infinity,

the without whom nothing word,

an unheard of word behind words,

world making word,

speaking the language behind language.


Body of the untouchable, 

Body of the untouchable God. x2


When babies try to tell us what they want by pointing, babbling, playing, copying,

making us feel good by learning our names

playing out endless games of things appearing and disappearing

they hide behind their hands, then take their hands away

and, there they are.

and bit by bit they show themselves

but were these also God’s desires?

to recognise, to name and know.

to comunicate,

to play some cosmic language game with us

God’s word play,

To show and tell and communicate, to communicate.


Weakness of the all powerful,

Weakness of the all powerful God. x2


And the word became flesh,

and the word became, wordless, flesh,

a baby with no words,

And the voice of the maker became a hungry voice,

a cry for food, a cry for milk,

The voice that made gravity cried out for fear of falling,

The voice that made women, cries for a woman’s breast,

and screams with disappointment when it is denied.


Crying of the invulnerable,

Crying of the invulnerable God. x2


There are no words yet, only the cry of flesh,

no way of telling, only the depth of need,

if only this is God, this word made flesh,

made flesh that looks, and feels, and acts like flesh,

then now God is a small thing

is a baby, is a baby that can be dropped or hurt or left unfed

left unchanged, left wet and smelly

or be child abused.

If this is God with no words,

and if this wordless God is God,

then God is flesh like our flesh,

bones like our bones,

needs to be taught to speak.

And the word became flesh and lived among us.


– by Doug Gay and Rachel Morley,

Late Late Service – God In The Flesh – Music From The Late Late Service 4, Sticky Music, 1994,

God is in the House:  Video snippets of entire Late, Late Service Xmas liturgy, Glasgow. 1994