Advent / Christmas

Installation / Worship Events

9 Lessons and Carols: Seeds Network 2011 Video, words and songs in Norlane Geelong, Long Gully Bendigo & Footscray inspired by orginal videos and content from Proost.

‘Peace on Earth’ Advent Spiral cardboard cut out Marines vs. Heavenly Host projected onto an Army surplus parachute;  Nativity vs. Toy Soldiers in sand spiral marked by barbed wire… 2009, St. Matt’s, Long Gully, Bendigo.

Advent Conspiracy: “You betta watch out, You better not cry… The Red Dragon from Revelation 12 is coming to town”… and turned the bapistry into a divine womb via bubblewrap and an ultrasound projection…  Footscray & Bendigo, 2008.

WRUW4? ’07:  What are You Waiting For: interactive stations based installation for Advent 2007 including water pouring wreath, noose and manger, Jesus is on the couch, Christmas tree, peace candles in barbed wire…

Ripples in Time: Advent candle lighting and projections in water by Mark Pierson, Melbourne, 2004.


House of Bread: Poem with outback indigenous angle by Daniel O’Donovan.

My Top 3 Ideas for Knowing the Word This Christmas:  Toward a Seedy Advent Spirituality

1: The Word is in the Stories on the Street:  On Being a Sucker for Fairy Lights…

2. Pray to the Baby Jesus?: On Truth, Troth and Talladega Nights…

3. Gracious Giving: On whether we will have Enough of Christmas or a Christmas of Enough?…

a. A Spirituality of Hospitality

b. Christmas Hospitality : On Giving and Receiving: Frankinsense, Foot Spas and Fridge Kids!

c. The Spirituality of Enough and a ‘Chronic’ Christmas Eve based on Sinead O’Connor’s song “Something Beautiful.”

d. Gratitude for Enough: On Whether To Give Your Child a Nintendo DS or a Stone