People’s Table Project

It’s run by Marcus Curnow with people who are seeking to re-source a spirituality of personal and social engagement. Our conviction is that renewal of church and culture can occur only through a deepening spirituality, grounded in a discipleship of Jesus Christ that is…

• creative;

• radically engaged with the critical personal and political issues of our day;

• and as beautiful as an ‘ordinary’ life.

A key image of this for us is that of the shared table; a place of common meals, welcome, work and worship.

We invite you to join us at the table. To give and receive as we support each other in this important “leitourgia” (Greek: work of the people) through:

  • Popular Bible Study city walks, story circles and social media campaigns

  • Curating Prayer Places beautiful common lectionary and theme based installations in needy neighbourhoods, churches, conferences, festivals and schools

  • Life Rites creative processes for weddings, parties, funerals, baptisms and your ‘ordinary’ everyday…

  • Table Talk public seminars & speaking

  • Vocational Discernment personal mentoring, pastoral support, new lifestyle and discipleship pathways

Regular’s at the Table include Christop Booth, Talitha Fraser, Dave Fagg, Sarah Venz and a host of other ‘seedy people’ who’s faith, generosity, creativity, and questions support Marcus Curnow and a variety of other initiatives in ‘non-traditional’ gospel ministry.

The Peoples Table Project is grounded in the context of Urban Seed and the Seeds Network of covenanted communities. In supporting it you are assisting communities to engage and transform poverty and renew the church in needy neighbourhoods across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

You can support the pplstable here

Join us at the table: