Lent 4A Sting vs. David

In the poker game of 1 Samuel kingship the Prophet Samuel risks death and plays his hand... God calls his bluff and David, the lover and fighter is anointed based on the heart.... We read the Hebrew Bible reading in 3 parts with Sting's chorus of a song... As with the Christian story we beging …


Leonard Cohen vs. Reign of X

It’s Christ the King Sunday.   The last of the church year. What’s your reaction / first thoughts when i offer you that image?? I’ve just come from the States. What has been your reaction/ first thoughts to the election of Donald Trump? Shock, anger, fear… - Last night mike pence at at Broadway theatre …

Easter Sunday Resurrection Playlist

This is my current playlist for Easter Sunday at Newmarket Baptist Church... any other suggestions or favourites? This will be background for our take on Si Smith and Ian Adams Stations of the Resurrection based on the 'Raised in Leeds' series available at Proost.  


The Spirituality of Enough and a ‘Chronic Christmas Eve’

Toward a Seedy Advent Spirituality #3:  Enough of Christmas or a Christmas of Enough!... On Gratitude and Giving (Part C) In considering Christmas I was talking to a friend who led Credo Gathering, a open prayer space that precedes the free lunchtime meal that homeless people often attend at Urban Seed. He framed the prayer …


Christmas Sermon: Stop and Hear the Music of Joshua Bell

Beauty in the Ordinary #1: Christmas is like ...a renowned virtuoso busking in a train station subway, playing a million dollar Stradivari violin, whilst people pass by without a second glance... My Christmas sermon at Footscray Baptist Church today was based on one given by David Devine in 2007 and posted here at John Mark Ministries. It …


U2 Melbourne Concerts & the Soundtrack of My Life

The soundtrack of my life and Melbourne U2 Concerts... 1984 Unforgettable Fire: I moved to Melbourne from the country and discover U2 thru Blacky Tech School classmates. I was 13, they were 16, doing Yr 8 for the 3rd time and into punk.  They beat me up for being a nerd on their way to …


Shout to the Lord (Angry)

Image:Eric Drooker We started Urban Seed: church last night. Our first song was "Shout to the Lord" (Angry version) which used the original Hillsong version alongside some new lyrics I wrote.....see Call to Worship and lyrics below. Shout to the Lord: Worship and Dissonance If a single song captured the culture of modern worship movement …