“The circus is among the few coherent images of the eschatological realm to which people still have ready access…

This principality, this art, this veritable liturgy, this common enterprise of multifarious creatures called the circus enacts a hope…

biblical people, like circus folk, live typically as sojourners, interrupting time, with few possessions, and in tents, in this world. The church would likely be more faithful if the church were similarly nomadic.”

– William Stringfellow

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MLK Day 2016


“he was enormously gifted”
“he was predatorially adulterous”
“he suffered, not for his outspokenness but for his colour”(God knows in America being outspoken is no crime, but a national pastime)
[I wonder what would be said of him if he were a cricketer in 2016?]
“he said things out loud, in public that needed to be said”
“he plagiarised large sections of his phd dissertation”
“he made a space in which many others were emboldened to risk, to speak, to stand, to resist, to suffer”

How shall we honour the life of Martin Luther King today?
it could be that we sweep some things under the rug…
it could be that we rationalise his faults (both the real and fabricated) in the name of the greater good…
it could be that we acknowledge that men of power will be men, and power carries with it corruptions in greater and lesser…

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