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“I spend most of my life now with the Bible, reading or more precisely, listening.  My mundane involvements… have become more and more intertwined with this major preoccupation of mine, so that I can no longer readily separate the one from the others.  This merging for me of almost everything into a biblical scheme of living occurs because the data of the Bible and one’s existence in common history is characteristically similar. One comes, after a while, to live in a continuing biblical context and so is spared both an artificial compartmentalization of one’s person and a false pietism in living.”

William Stringfellow

how to run a bible study that doesn’t suck.

wedding celebrant

 “It is possible to imagine a more generous enclosure–a household welcoming to neighbors and friends; a garden open to the weather, between the woods and the road.  It is possible to imagine a marriage bond that would bind… not only to each other, but to the community of marriage, the amorous communion at which all couples sit: the sexual feast and celebration that joins them to all living things and to the fertility of the earth, and the sexual responsibility that joins them to the human past and the human future . It is possible to imagine marriage as a grievous, joyous human bond, endlessly renewable and renewing, again and again rejoining memory and passion and hope.” – Wendell Berry

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alt. worship curator

“The term curator comes from the Latin curare meaning ‘to care for’… ‘A museum or gallery curator acquires, cares for, develops, displays and interprets a collection of artifacts or works of art in order to inform, educate and entertain the public.’ Interestingly it is also a legal term for ‘the guardian of a minor, lunatic, or other incompetent.’ Perhaps both have some implications for worship curators!

-Mark Pierson

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good cricket allrounder

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‘Cricket is an eschatological act of human faith affirming that the universe is in the hands of a greater power because in the words of Mike Marquesse…“How else could one explain the sublime waste of an entire day on something with no redeeming purpose whatsoever?” 

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