Alt. Worship

Lectionary Hacks


C2W : Call 2 Worship 

PoC: Prayers of Confession

MoW: Ministry of the Word

P4O/PoP: Prayers for Others/Prayers of the People

Eucharist Table



Curating Worship

Shout to the Lord: The Angry Version was my iconic alt worship blog post… from the golden days of blogging… lol!


WRUW4? ’07:  What are You Waiting For? : interactive stations based installation for Advent 2007 including water pouring wreath, noose and manger, Jesus is on the couch, Christmas tree, peace candles in barbed wire…

‘Peace on Earth’ Advent Spiral:  cardboard cut out Marines vs. Heavenly Host projected onto an Army surplus parachute;  Nativity vs. Toy Soldiers in sand spiral marked by barbed wire… 2009, St. Matt’s, Long Gully, Bendigo.

Advent Conspiracy: “You betta watch out, You better not cry… The Red Dragon from Revelation 12 is coming to town”… and turned the bapistry into a divine womb via bubblewrap and an ultrasound projection…  Footscray & Bendigo, 2008.

House of Bread: Poem with outback indigenous angle by Daniel O’Donovan.

Ripples in Time: Advent candle lighting and projections in water by Mark Pierson, Melbourne, 2004.


Dead Man Waiting: The Easter Saturday classic the Sydney Anglicans hated by Mark Pierson and Cheryl Lawrie…

Dead Man Rising: Resurrection Breakfast stations based installation in a Footscray Cafe based on biblical stories and a series of poems entitled “Food for Risen Bodies” by Michael Symmons Roberts.

Easter Tennebrae: Dark Garden:  Reflections upon the Arrest of Jesus

Via Crucis ’08

Station Based Installations

Good Samaritan, Loopholes in Love: 11 outdoor stations for Sunday Worship for over 150 people at  TEAR Australia Conference.

The Resonance and Otherness of Wild: Sunday Worship stations on wilderness theme for Christchurch and Collins Street Baptist Church, Melbourne 2010.


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