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Tweetin Mark:  An experiment in social media and bible study

Liberating Biblical Study recently published book co-edited by Ched Myers

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Word on the Street Walks at Urban Seed

’….we started reading the bible and inviting youth groups to join us. On top of our 9 storey building in the heart of the city, we read the story of Satan tempting Jesus with power surrounded by the pinnacles of religious temples of churches, finance and telecommunications industry.
In Bourke Street we compare the images and slogans at Nike, Starbucks etc. with the images and slogans of Jesus teaching (Often so close you wonder if Jesus incarnated today would he pass up carpentry for marketing!).
Jesus declaring a leper clean reads powerfully in a filthy alley way littered with used syringes! The biblical text helps us read the context which again helps us to read the text and think about how to respond.
For example our readings at Crown Casino of Jesus turning over the tables usually results in either Crown Hospitality offering us free drinks and membership or security asking us to leave. Getting kicked out of Crown Casino is a bit more confronting than your standard bible study and young people never forget it. This confrontation raises questions about how the casino operates as a temple in our own culture, who benefits and why bible study might be so threatening.
Interruptions from drug addicts, buskers, security, hecklers, Christians etc. often reveal the gospel in a powerful way. Interpreting “Our Father” with people who’ve been abused or “Give us our daily bread” with someone waiting for a free feed offers interpretation that brings the gospel to life, proving its not simply where you read but who you read with!’
– Marcus Curnow

How to Read the Bible by Brian McLaren