Prayer of Confession (PoC)

Zombie Prayer of Confession Newmarket Baptist Church, April 2015

That Was the Worst Christmas Ever:  A ‘Family’ Confession.  Newmarket Baptist Church, June 2012.

The Tree at the Centre: Confession for Seeds Consecration Service focusing on the fashion industry and the environment, January 2011

Hagar Confession: 2010

Beirut Confession: 2006  focusing on the blog of Merzan Kerbaj

Floral Industrial Complex vs. Christ’s Fruitful Vine: 2006 Mothers Day

Vine Pruning: 2006 based on John 15

Bono, Cronulla and Peter’s Confessional Crisis March 2006

Hurricane Katrina Confession 2005

Where RU? Mobile Phone and Genesis 2-3 Confession, 2005